There will be no academy award winners here

Mama walking off through her tightenings while she speaks to the midwives. Dad watching in awe and anticipation.

I want birthing women to feel freedom to have whatever emotional reaction they have to their birth and newborn to be normalised….
….Its a beautiful thing to love your birth and to feel an instant deep unwavering connection to your newborn, its also completely normal if you don’t feel that way, at least not in an immediate time frame.  

Surfing through your labour.

When it comes to your labour and birth, don’t be like the tourist who ignores all the lifesaving signs, grabs a board, walks straight in to the rip and wonders why they almost drowned. 

Endometriosis Awareness

Outsmarting the modern life and the effect it is having on Endometriosis can be a challenge but here’s some starting points to help you smash your symptoms

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Words hold so much power and we have all felt the effect of their power at some point in time but do we always remember that the words we say hold the same amount of force as the ones we listen too. For a new mama, words can make or break their day.   Three words […]

Breastfeeding Battlefields

There is a trend for mothers to “pick a side”. This is absolutely unnecessary and quite a toxic mindset in our society.


…There is no shame to you as a mother for needing time to get to know and love your baby…

Understanding your decision diet.

…Education will be your most influential tool so get good quality education from a variety of sources…

Choices Choices Choices

…The choices available extend that of just private, public or home birth though…

Big fat chickens don’t get Birth days.

I came across this blog that evidently I forgot to ever post and decided although it is a year later, I would post it anyway… Confession time; I am the big fat chicken! Before you decode the punchline let me first give you a little history (or Hystery) For a VERY long time now I […]

How do I know what I should know?

One of the most helpful and empowering things you can do during your pregnancy, is ask lots of questions to your chosen care provider. However, knowing what questions to ask can be a very curious thing, particularly if this is your first pregnancy or if its going to be your first birth. So how do […]