Breastfeeding Battlefields

There is a trend for mothers to “pick a side”. This is absolutely unnecessary and quite a toxic mindset in our society.

Is that a Judgement or are you just being Judgemental

As a Doula, I offer non judgemental, un biased information to my clients about pregnancy, labour and birth. I want to clarify the difference between Information, Advice and Opinions. Everybody has access to information, everybody has the ability to give and receive advice and evvvveeerrrybody has opinions on evvveeerrryyything. So how then do we distinguish […]

Feeding from My Breasts

A couple of weeks ago; a friend of mine, that happens to be an absolute gem of a human being, gave birth for the first time to a beautiful baby girl.  Neither her pregnancy or her birth went according to her desired plan and she was now getting all sorts of varying advice about breastfeeding […]