Relevant Trauma

Anyone who has been following my Restore Womb Therapy socials will have heard me talk about overcoming trauma.  There is a lack of understanding around what relevant trauma is in context to our cycles, so today I am going to give a little clarity by expanding on this topic (Well that’s the aim, so let […]

Can I have the origin of your opinion please?

pregnant woman standing near white brown bassinet

If you understand how the information is relevant and useful to you; if you understand how the information can be used to support your preferences and if you understand how you will be impacted after proceeding one way or another, that’s when the information turns to knowledge.

One Woman Band

𝓞𝓷𝓮 𝓦𝓸𝓶𝓪𝓷 𝓑𝓪𝓷𝓭… That’s me folks. I am it, I own all the job titles in this wee business.  I was talking to my husband the other day of the madness you can feel as a small business owner.  Back in the day, to let people know you were open for business you would pop […]

“I got my VBAC!”

The trials and triumphs of one of my beautiful Mama clients. She had a hope, a desire, a plan of action and the tenacity to pull it all together. Her story, her words. Backstory:Jan 2018 induced at 40 weeks due to high BP, very unfavourable cervix. Basically tried all induction methods, cascade of interventions including […]

When your mind is not your best company.

This is unashamedly, a mental health post.  As a predominantly birth focused blog site, I am fully aware of how so many Mamas will be impacted at this time in history.  Taking care of your mental health is important for everyone. EVERYONE! For some though, their mental health has been their private battle for a […]


…There is no shame to you as a mother for needing time to get to know and love your baby…

Questions to ask your care provider?

My estimated due date is…. will you be asking me to consider induction before I get to 41 weeks? If I choose to wait for my baby to come naturally past this point, will I be supported? What does your policy classify as an “at risk or high-risk pregnancy”? If I fall in this category, […]

48 High fives a couple of fist pumps!

man carrying baby drawing their foreheads

In my recent blog So you had a baby, what next?   I talked about how tricky it is to fully prepare for the post partum experience. In my latest blog, I spoke about utilising affirmations during your pregnancy and labour. After supporting so many new families, I noticed there is a common thread of communication […]

A spoonful of Affirmations helps the pessimist go down.

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It’s not weird to feel good when we are acknowledged for working hard, a simple Thankyou in those moments is a lovely little spirit lifter.  I think its pretty safe to say that most people would also appreciate it if a bad feeling they had been carrying around, suddenly dissolved and was replaced with a […]

So you had a baby, what comes next?

grayscale photography of baby holding finger

So much attention is given to becoming and being pregnant, a portion of attention is given to your birth and very little real attention is given to the expectation of your post partum experience.  The truth is, there is  not a whole lot that can anyone can say that will ever prepare you for what […]

Five ways to get comprehensive answers to all your antenatal questions.

I am going to tell you how to arm yourself for that ultimate baby brain conundrum, but before we get there you need to remember this all important trick…

20 Reasons why I don’t hate 2020.

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…there really have been so many silver linings for me and for my family. Blogging is a really fun way for me to feel like I can connect with my readers, followers and friends. I never do it if it feels like a chore If I am overwhelmed with admin work, if I have Mamas […]