Birth Story – how one Hypnobirthing couple overcame a cancer scare and navigated their changing birth plans during the COVID19 pandemic.

This beautiful Mama is one of the many who gave birth during this years pandemic. We had to change our plans to respect the new social guidelines. During her early postpartum days she expressed to me her grief over being unable to share her newest little  love with those closest to her, including her family.   During these times, it has been an absolute honour to give this tender loving care and support that was so desperately needed by new mums.    
This is her story;
“My pregnancy was quite a unique one which is why I’m very happy to share my story.  Praising Beth for all of her support through bump, birth, & beyond.
At the 10-week mark of my pregnancy my beautiful dog Coco smelled out a very dodgy spot on my right ankle, which after having checked out professionally, came back as a melanoma.
Coco the cancer catcher
I was referred immediately to Peter Mac Cancer Centre where I was booked in for surgery & a lymph node biopsy a few weeks later. It was an incredibly scary situation to go through & there were no guarantees regarding the risk to the baby.
I needed support more than ever at this time.
I looked into private Midwifery & a Doula, and Beth came very highly recommended. As soon as I met her I knew I wanted her to be by my side on this journey that I was experiencing for the first time.
My surgery occurred when I was 17 weeks pregnant & I received the great news the following week that it didn’t spread & was only localised at the site of the ankle. It was now time to focus on this baby!
I loved every minute of being pregnant & felt incredibly supported & prepared through Beth’s calm approach & her pre-birth visits to our house, along with the hypnobirthing classes we attended.
If the melanoma wasn’t enough to go through while pregnant, right before bub was due, the corona virus pandemic hit. Only one support person was able to attend the birth which was my partner. I was shattered & upset that Beth couldn’t be there, but we had a plan B & I had an incredible labour experience at home with Beth & my partner by my side. We set up a room with salt lamps, essential oils, LED candles, the Swiss ball, & created an environment that was so nurturing & peaceful. I have no doubt that Beth’s beautiful demeanour, her positive attitude, & calm presence are what enabled me to get to 9cm dilated at home before heading to the hospital.
My labour unfortunately slowed down soon after I arrived due to bub at some point turning posterior & being quite stubborn in the womb! After a number of hours pushing with the Doctor’s assistance, encouragement, & an episiotomy to assist him out, Jack Thomas Pickett was born on 25th March at 1:01pm. It was absolutely love at first sight & I was delighted to share the news with Beth over FaceTime. He’s a beautiful boy & I’m so blessed that he is healthy & so am I.
Sweet wee Jack
On reflection, I am super proud of the way I laboured at home with my team around me, feeling incredibly close to having him there & then. I do believe that if Beth attended my birth it may not have gone for so long, however I also believe that he was meant to arrive Earthside the way he did, as for his sibling in the future, I am very keen for a home birth & will 100% have Beth there by my side again. The post-birth support she offered was exactly what I needed after Jack was born, nurturing me from the inside out. I cannot speak highly enough of her service, & am the first to recommend her to my pregnant friends looking for a Doula. Thank you Beth!

To every Mum from the Geelong, Bellarine and Surfcoast region that has chosen me to be your support before and during this time; Thankyou!

It is always a privilege.

Beth x

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