Questions to ask your care provider?

  1. My estimated due date is…. will you be asking me to consider induction before I get to 41 weeks? If I choose to wait for my baby to come naturally past this point, will I be supported?
  2. What does your policy classify as an “at risk or high-risk pregnancy”?
  3. If I fall in this category, how will it affect the way I am cared for in labour? Eg: continuous monitoring, time restraints etc
  4. I know that labour times vary, is there any time limits that will be imposed by the hospital before we are expected or encouraged to opt for an assisted delivery or c-section?
  5. Under what circumstances would I be sent home if already experiencing contractions?
  6. How long do you delay before clamping the cord?
  7. Do you typically have more assisted deliveries of the placenta? If we prefer to birth the placenta naturally will that be supported?
  8. How long is a midwife’s shift and what time are the change overs?
  9. How will you support us to have minimal people in the room even in an emergency?
  10. What is the hospital definition of an emergency c-section?
  11. What are the hospitals statistics on natural / c-section/ emergency birth? Do you specialise or excel in one particular area?
  12. How long will I be able / expected to stay in hospital?
  13. Who will visit me when I go home and how many times?
  14. What is the exact discharging procedure and the expected length of time that it takes?
  15. Should I need to consider induction, what is the most common process of induction used in this hospital?
  16. Are there any restrictions around me having a water birth?

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