When your mind is not your best company.

This is unashamedly, a mental health post. 

As a predominantly birth focused blog site, I am fully aware of how so many Mamas will be impacted at this time in history. 

Taking care of your mental health is important for everyone. EVERYONE! For some though, their mental health has been their private battle for a long time, maybe even a lifetime and this particular blog is to bring awareness and give understanding to those people.

I have a friend (actually I have lots but that is not the point of this blog), anyway, I have a friend. She lives by herself and that works really well for her on a normal, everything is going well, kind of day. 

Insert Global Pandemic.

Now, that home that was once a refuge and sanctuary has become more of a prison.  Its not because she is bored and its not because she is an extrovert, it is because in her particular case, her mind is not her best company.  People and the company they offer, have been a means of necessary distraction at carefully curated intervals in her day and throughout her week.  Sometimes, just sitting at a table by herself in a busy cafe was all the company she needed.  

These weeks and these days, for her, are particularly long.

The delights of face to face technology can ease the sting a little but she needs a hug. She needs to be held and squeezed and comforted.  She needs her mind to be stilled, her mind to be calmed and soothed and as soon as I possibly can, I will be with her to do just that. Not because I have some great magical wand or skill in the matter but simply because I know all she needs is me, all she needs is anyone.

If you have a friend, a neighbour, a colleague and family member that you know is having the hardest battle of solitude these days.  Remind them that you care for them, validate their distress. You don’t need to ‘fix’ them, you just need to love them.

If you are in the Geelong, Bellarine or Surfcoast region and want a little extra tlc right now, reach out and we can help you.   If you are a new Mama or about to give birth,  connect with me and I can support you through these days. 

These days, these weeks and these months will be tough for a lot of people but my heart most certainly bleeds for those I know who are stuck at home with only their shouting minds for company.

Be kind to your mind everyone and be kind to everyone else’s too.

Here is a reminder of some of Australia’s sites dedicated to your mental health







Big love as always 

Beth x

(situation shared with permission)

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