#staycation for the happy little isolated introverts

So here’s the thing, not everyone is finding this iso business tough.  There are in fact, a large number of people who are absolutely living the dream. This #stayhome movement is proving to be a much needed #staycation .

If you happen to be one of them, Yay!  Lets be happy for us.  No, we are not happy for the tragedy of lost lives around us and the reason for the isolation in the first place, but it’s also ok to be ok.

Its actually rather wonderful that all the introverts of the world don’t have to feel like they need an excuse to want to stay home.  Its liberating not  to have to conjure up the effort to put on the social hat and pull up the social socks or paint on the social face.

While many around us are battling with the loneliness, the need for extra interaction, for the hustle and bustle of business, we are happy for the calm, the quiet and the separation.

Now when I say we, I have to clarify, I myself am NEVER truly alone.  I have four children for crying out loud, it’s very rarely still or quiet!! Except when they are sleeping, then it is bliss.

It’s not that introverts are against people or company or interaction, its simply that we don’t need it to thrive.  My theory is that a lot of introverts have very busy minds.  We have a whole world of interaction going on inside our own heads, anything added to that can just feel like noise. Like a big brass symbol that doesn’t stay in time with the rest of the orchestra. 

We miss our families, our friends and all the other familiar faces of our daily lives but we truly are completely fine.  Possibly, the hardest thing for an introvert at this point in time is worrying about how they are going to cope when it all goes back to “normal”.

Personally, I am trying to absorb this little bubble while it lasts.  I normally have some hours in the day by myself, working on my own and only going out when I chose I want the interaction or distraction.  I do miss aspects of that, but having all my family home all the time is unique and I am not wishing that away.  I’m ok.

If you are a happy little iso introvert, I am happy for you.  I happy that you are comfortable. I am happy that you are relaxed. I am happy that you are thriving.  Its ok that you are ok.  Cheers to you.  Enjoy your rest, your #staycation !

When all this is lifted, you can continue as you are, you can ease back in to the world slowly, cautiously and as you need it.  

#staysafe little intros. 

Big love 

Beth x


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