Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Words hold so much power and we have all felt the effect of their power at some point in time but do we always remember that the words we say hold the same amount of force as the ones we listen too. For a new mama, words can make or break their day.   Three words […]

Is that a Judgement or are you just being Judgemental

As a Doula, I offer non judgemental, un biased information to my clients about pregnancy, labour and birth. I want to clarify the difference between Information, Advice and Opinions. Everybody has access to information, everybody has the ability to give and receive advice and evvvveeerrrybody has opinions on evvveeerrryyything. So how then do we distinguish […]

For the Love of Dads

Shout out to all the supportive men that go into the birthing arena overwhelmed, excited, nervous, confused and protective!