My Popbellies story.

Popbellies intention is to enable every woman positive experiences.

Born from a love of nurturing, supporting and pampering women while they experience all life’s great transitions; Maiden to Motherhood to Matriach.

This beautiful little business started when I was creating tailor made, personalised hospital bags for my friends many moons ago and led to me fulfilling my dream of becoming a birth supporter and more recently, it has enabled me to expand that dream to include Womb Therapy for all women from adolescence to menopause.

As a wife, a working woman and mother of four, I have used my personal and professional experiences to create a unique holistic support service for women in our greater community.

Honouring the essence of a Woman


Popbellies Doula services nurtures, educates and supports women and your partners.  Protecting and holding space, offering you time and opportunity to heal physically, evolve emotionally and prepare mentally for your new normal in this incredible chapter of life. I offer non judgemental, un biased information so that you can make educated, relevant, purposeful decisions in your pregnancy, birth and post partum choices.

Showcasing local holistic health care providers, as well as pregnancy and birth focused small businesses, you will get a wonderful overview of what the Bellarine Peninsula, Geelong region and Surfcoast Shire has to offer you in support.

Restore Womb Therapy is the latest chapter in this ever growing story. With the ability now to provide women multi layered care from your adolescence all the way through to menopause. This extremely nurturing modality reconnects a healthy relationship between your body and mind through unique massage therapy and holistic education.

I can’t wait to see where else this story will lead me.

From one woman to another, supporting you is my honour and privilege.

Beth x