How do I know what I should know?

One of the most helpful and empowering things you can do during your pregnancy, is ask lots of questions to your chosen care provider. However, knowing what questions to ask can be a very curious thing, particularly if this is your first pregnancy or if its going to be your first birth.

So how do you know what to ask? Good question!

Well, I suggest you start by asking yourself a few questions first, this will usually uncover some lurking questions you already have swirling around in your thoughts.

Here’s a few questions to get you started;

  1. What does a good birth experience look like/ mean to me/us?
  2. What am I /we most looking forward to during this pregnancy, during my labour, birth and in the early post natal days?
  3. Do I have any fears towards giving birth? If so, what are they ?

By working out what you are expecting or desiring, you can also work out what questions you need to ask. You will want to make sure that your care provider’s ethos and policy line up with yours and answering these questions that is a good place to start.

Still not sure? Let me break it down a little further for you.

Lets say your answer to question 3 was – Yes I am fearful of the pain in labour and that I will need to/be told to have an emergency c-section if I am not coping with the labour sensations. (a very common fear)

Now you have some questions for your carer:

  1. What methods of pain relief will you be able to offer me both naturally and pharmaceutical?
  2. What are the factual benefits and disadvantages of each of these?
  3. What is your/the hospitals policy and procedures for performing an emergency c-section?
  4. What can I do before labour starts to help prepare my body for labour and all the sensations that come with it?

Keep asking as many questions as you need until you have clarity. Clarity should, if given adequately, alleviate fear not increase it.

Another great and empowering thing you can do is hire a Doula (aka Me!) As a Doula, not only have I been through pregnancy, labour and birth personally, but I have also witnessed multiple others. I can help you navigate your own feelings, desires and beliefs in order for you to know what questions you need answered. Together we can create a space where you feel comfortable, calm and ready.

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