Choices Choices Choices

Every minute of every day we are making choices.

Get up or sleep in? if I sleep in will I run late? eat now or later and if to eat, what to eat?, exercise or rest, if I exercise,cardio, weights or stretching ?, drive or walk, if I walk, will it rain, do I need an umbrella? drive – should I fill up with petrol now or on the way home? What if the price goes up while I’m at work? what if it goes down?….the list goes on and on and on. Quite frankly, its exhausting!

Usually we are making decisions with all the information we need at the time, sometimes however, we have to wing it and in those moments we often draw on our previous life experiences to help us think on the spot.

When it comes to your pregnancy, labour and birth however, our life experience or someone else’s life experience, can sometimes be our Achilles heel.

The truth is that personal circumstances, differences in lifestyle and situations may impact the kinds of pregnancy , labour and delivery care you are currently aware of and what is available to you. It will also impact the care you receive in your early post natal period.

The choices available extend that of just private, public or home birth though.

You will be asked to make choices during pregnancy, before your labour, during your labour and your birth and yet again shortly after your baby is born.

These decisions include choices around medicated pain relief, natural pain relief or no pain relief. Immunisations, screening for medical and genetic conditions/syndromes, breastfeeding, formula feeding and so on.

You may or may not get certain options explained in an unbiased way depending on the type of care you choose. The emphasis may be put on different strands of that information. Now that’s not to say the information you need is not available to you at your chosen place of care. You may just need a little assistance in knowing what questions to ask in order to get the information relevant to your specific circumstances and desires.

All the options mentioned offer wonderful abilities for a beautiful birthing outcome.

Depending on your core values, beliefs and personal medical history or lifes’ event that’s significant for you , will determine the reasons why one mothers choices are different to another.

The point is, all choices are valid which is why I wanted to create a space in which all the options were discussed with honourable evidence based info.

The intention being, no matter what choice you decide is right for you, you are educated about all facets of that decision.

Childbirth Choice Classes are held at David Wright Chiropractic Clinic in Belmont every Tuesday night of the school term at 7pm. Bookings essential

You can also book private 1:1 sessions in the comfort of your own home, simply contact me at [email protected]

Get educated, be empowered.

For every woman, for every partner, for every birth!

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