Endometriosis Awareness

Lets chat about it for a minute.
Endo is an oestrogen sensitive and dependent disease and so we need to support our oestrogen by understanding how it works and what it needs to keep it in harmony.
Oestrogen is actually a little family, there are three main family members, oestrone, oestradiol and oestriol (E1,2&3) they work as a team, all knowing there part to play and when to play it.
Essies (nickname I have given them all) are an important and necessary part of physically being a woman.
Part of their job is to stimulate the muscles in and around your uterus as well as the lining.
Essies, on their own can run a muck, they need old mate Progesterone to come in and balance the scales, when these hormones are in sync, we work like the best built, well oiled machine that ever there was.
BUT when the Essies get too big for their boots or start going awol we end up in all sorts of a pickle.

So, how do we keep team Essie on track? heres a few things you can start implementing to calm the girls down (I will expand on each tip over the coming days:

1. Nourish your body with educated food choices using quality ingredients.

2. Choose contraception wisely. Be educated about what is in the pill you have been offered and how it is intended to help relieve your symptoms. Know all the pros and cons.

3. Reduce your caffeine intake

4. Get enough sleep

5. Reduce your stress. Cortisol outplays Oestrogen every time so you must create an environment where team Essie can thrive.

6. Use caster oil packs.

7. Know your cycle, no matter how inconsistent it may seem. There are stacks of period tracker apps or you can use your diary. When you are in tune with your cycle you can start to implement body specific routines each month to alleviate symptoms.

8. Get regular womb massage.
Lucky for all you in the Geelong/Bellarine/surfcoast region, that is exactly what I will be able to assist you with 
Womb massage helps to restore the womb space to its natural balance.
There are Womb therapy practitioners all over the world so be sure to check your local area or ask me and I will find out for you

Big ? Endo Groupies x


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