Here is some Frequently asked questions that you too may be wondering

What IS a Doula?

A Doula; “trained non medical woman who assists women and their partners  emotionally, physically and mentally, before,during and after childbirth.”  Her continuous support during labour has proven to result in healthier outcomes for mother and child.

She offers non-judgemental, up to date reliable educational information without bias.

She empowers the birthing couple to make decisions that are right for them. She is understanding, compassionate, nurturing and she trusts the process of birth.

I am Authentic in my care for you and your baby.


Why do I need a Doula if I have a supportive Partner?

Having a supportive partner is an absolute blessing and goes a long way to making a positive impact on your birthing experience.  Other than your partner, a Doula is often the only other person available that can be completely committed to the mothers emotional and mental wellbeing. Midwives, Doctors and Nurses have important roles to play, managing multiple births during the same time, shift changes, tea breaks, staff shortages and hospital policies can some times hinder their ability and/or desire to give their undivided attention to you while you are in labour.  A Doula stays with you the entire length of your labour.

There have been literally thousands of studies done on the benefits of having a Doula even when a supportive partner is invoved.

Here are some of the statistics the studies have revealed when a Doula has been present:

25% shorter Labour

60% reduction in epidural requests

50% reduction in the cesarean rate

40% reduction in forceps delivery

30% reduction in analgesia use

Not only are there benefits for a birthing mother and baby but for the partner, having another experienced woman present who understands the birthing world increases their confidence and peace of mind.  This is usually uncharted territory for most men and they often feel a huge sense of relief at having “backup”.


What if I am having a Cesarean or an assisted delivery?

When a baby is being born it is Birth. No matter how your baby enters the world you will still need the same devotion of care for your emotional and mental and physical wellbeing.  There are many ways a Doula can help in preparation for planned births. Showing you how to network with the appropriate professionals so that you have the birth environment you desire (even within the theatre setting) is just one of the ways we as Doulas can adjust our services to support you and your partner.  Often a partner can feel quite nervous about their role during these procedures and Doulas can help give them confidence and control through education and information. Post Natal Doula services can also be particularly valuable for women after a surgically assisted birth.


Doulas are just hippies that try to convince you to have homebirths aren’t they?

No.  Doulas are individuals, just as you are.  Some women wish to birth at home, and in these instances we will assist them to achieve that result.  The majority of births in Australia are within the hospital setting and so that is where you will find us.  A professional Doula will never impose her own beliefs or desires onto any birthing mother.  It is our job as Doulas to inform you of all your options, both medical and natural alternatives.  It is your decision to birth where and how you want.


Isn’t a Doula just like a midwife?

Doulas are a non-medical profession.  We have been educated and trained in many medical scenarios and terminologies so that we understand what is going on within the birthing environment but we do not catch babies!  We do not do medical examinations, give medical advice or administer medication above a general household ability.  Midwives have worked incredibly hard to receive their qualification and we are not about to stand in their way or try do their job. We are there to assist each other and work together for your best outcome in birth.