Supported Birth Experience:


Your initial catch up is completely free (you can book your 30 minute meet and greet here)

Once you have decided to move forward with the Supported Birth experience a deposit of $200 is requested and then the remainder can be paid in instalments.

Pop over to the Birth Doula Services page to see what this includes.
I can continue on as your Post Natal Doula following the already included post natal services should you wish me to.

Support provided during the School holidays will incur an additional 20% fee.

Antenatal Education:


If you are not particularly looking for the full supported Birth package but would still like to equip yourselves with healthy relevant information, this package is just what you need.  You can book a free meet and greet here

Once you have have decided on the Antenatal Education, a deposit of $200 is requested and the final payments are made before our final session together. Have a look here to see what it includes


Extended Postnatal Support


Take advantage of the all inclusive Extended Postpartum support. You can request a free meet and greet here or you can connect with me and let me know what you are looking for.  An initial deposit of $200 is made to ensure my availability and the final instalments are made before the first visit.

See the Post Natal Doula Packages page for all the inclusions.

Support provided during the School holidays will incur an additional 20% fee.

Mothers Love Postnatal Package


 A nourishing, indulgent postpartum treatment in the comfort of your own home.  Full details here

Perfect as a gift for family or friends. Full payment required at time of booking

Doula support is available for anyone living in the Bellarine Penninsula, Surfcost Shire and Geelong Region.


Restore The Womb


These treatments are designed to restore harmony and balance to your reproductive, nervous and digestive system.

Wonderful for anyone experiencing symptoms from Menstrual issues, Infertility or Menopause.

Body Reconnect


This experience has been designed for anyone who has experienced trauma or abuse.  Assisting you with recreating healthy emotional boundaries and to reintroduce the idea of touch in a loving, safe and self-controlled environment.

Reborn Postpartum Treatment

70 MINUTES $130

This postnatal treatment is designed to make space for you to thank your body for the incredible effort it made during pregnancy and labour. Restoring your body and aiding muscle recovery through the use of wraps, womb massage and afffirmations.