My Story


I am Beth.

I am a Doula here on the Bellarine Peninsula, supporting Mamas in the the Geelong region and the Surfcoast Shire.

I often get asked, what made you become a Doula?

Well, I remember looking at my husband after I had my first born and thinking “Wow” I am so grateful to have such wonderful loving support, I wonder how many people go through this without support? I knew then that I wanted to find a role in supporting women before, during and after birth. I did not at that stage know there was such a thing as a “doula”

My first experience with labour and birth and post partum healing was all a huge shock, full of unexpected and unexplained difficulty which left me feeling like an incompetent woman.  My next three experiences of pregnancy, labour, birth and post partum healing were completely different and I learned that I was in fact, a very normal, very able mother who just had a rough first ride.

Information is powerful! And when it came to my first birth, I was seriously lacking this moment changing tool.  Information is so empowering. It helps us to understand the unplanned and gives a sense of calm when unexpected events occur. When you have received relevant, truthful information you become confident in your ability to make decisions. You have reassurance that you are doing what is right for you,and your circumstances while remaining true to your own core beliefs. This opportunity to give birthing women and their support network that information is one of the many reasons I decided to become a Doula/Birth Assistant.

Life as a mother is a beautifully complicated story full of twists and turns and lessons to be learnt. It brings us unmeasurable joy.  It challenges your perspective and changes your heart.  Its powerful, delightful with a healthy dose of unpredictability.

Quite like birth itself.

I have a nurturing family, a loving husband  and four incredible children.  I have been shown the fullness of love in a way that everybody deserves and needs and I do not take it for granted.

Still, through my everyday life with my family, my friends, strangers in the street and clients that I meet, I am learning more; learning how to love, how to be loved, how to show compassion and empathy and mercy, how to be gracious and grateful, when to hold on and when to let go.  

Understanding how vulnerability and strength can be at peace with each other in the same space.

It is my privilege and honour to give this support to all women in birth.

For the love of Mothers.

I would love to be your Doula